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******Until then here is a short list of tasks we can help you with.

Footage Management

Cloud Storage, Local physical backups

Media Digitization

We take your old physical media and convert it to digital files.

Upconversions availble.

8 mm, 16 mm, 35 mm, VHS, BetaMax, etc

Social Media Editing

Send us your footage and we can edit it into a dynamite video for social media.

Specialize in Food content.

Color Grading

Need your film, media, or other digital files manipulated and inhanced? We can help make you media look better by apply a color grade.

Film Editing

Your footage is in good hands. We have years and years of expierence in editing for TV shows, commercials, and new media.

Audio Editing

Do you have a podcast that needs tweaking? We can help you with that.